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Selected Projects

History of Art, Theory, & Display
MSc (MA)

The University of Edinburgh | Edinburgh, Scotland

Dissertation abstractBuildings of Distinction: Examining the Social Identity of Museum Architecture

This dissertation focuses on a re-framing of architectural history. Whereas in the past buildings were celebrated as aesthetic objects made by superstar architects, this work aims to de-center the architect and focus more on the users of buildings. Museums are especially well-suited for this application. The paper argues that a building becomes meaningful based on who is using it, and that a building can help construct an identity for its user. The works of architectural historian Suzanne MacLeod and sociologist Pierre Bourdieu are both pivotal, as they allow for a useful application of sociological concepts onto architectural practice.

The primary case studies used to examine these concepts are the Museu de Arte de São Paulo, designed by Lina Bo Bardi in 1958, and the Tate Modern, re-built by Herzog and de Meuron in 2000. Together the two museums prove the reflexive relationship between building and user, and serve to illustrate MacLeod's concepts and Bourdieu's social impact.



Tate Modern museum as viewed from across the Thames River. Text on the building reads Tate Modern free and open to all

Tate Modern and Millennium Bridge, London, England, UK. 2023

Photo by Kristina Coopman

Sauk Prairie Art Crawl

This socially-distanced art event supported local artists and makers impacted by the cancellation of art fairs, while providing the community a safe shopping opportunity. Over 50 local artists participated, and over $50,000 in revenue was generated for the community.


Sauk Prairie, WI

Andy Warhol at the
River Arts Center

Exhibition dates: Sept - Dec, 2019

River Arts Center Gallery

Sauk Prairie, WI

Featuring nine original screen prints by Andy Warhol and additional artwork by Madison, WI-based artist Donald Topp.

For this free exhibition, I served as the curator, loan officer, registrar, installer, and gallery educator, which saw record-breaking attendance for the institution. I worked with the local school district to develop free field trip curriculum for middle and high school students. 

Installation view of Andy Warhol artwork at River Arts Center. Four white artworks on a pink wall.

Installation view of Andy Warhol at the River Arts Center, 2019

Photo by Kristina Coopman

Artworks L to R: Mother and Child, 1986; Annie Oakley, 1986; Sitting Bull, 1986.

Empty Bowls

This personally-organized fundraising event is a staple in the ceramic art community. Local potters and ceramicists donate handmade bowls, while local restaurants donate soup. Visitors can purchase a bowl, fill it with soup, and all proceeds are donated to the local food pantry. 

Held just before COVID-19 lockdown, this event generated over $1000 for the Sauk Prairie food pantry. 

March 2020

Sauk Prairie, WI

Marketing image for Empty Bowls fundraiser in 2020. Black and white line drawing of a bowl with the text "eat soup, end hunger"

Promotional graphic created for Empty Bowls event, March 2020.

Created by Kristina Coopman

Sidewalk Chalk Festival

This free, outdoor, public art festival was originally organized as a way to offer art experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Held in a local public park, the now-annual celebration was an immediate hit. The free event featured sidewalk chalk drawing for ages 3+, live music in a gazebo, a local farmer's market, and artwork by a professional chalk artist. 

In addition to co-creating the program and managing sign-ups, I was also responsible for securing community donations for raffle prizes, social media promotion, media point-of-contact (TV and newspaper), and event facilitation.


Sauk Prairie, WI

Sidewalk with various chalk drawings done by children

Event photo from the first annual Sauk Prairie Sidewalk Chalk Festival, 2021.

Photo by Kristina Coopman

Wings & Water

A biennial juried art exhibition put on by River Arts, Inc. This exhibition features artwork from across the nation relating to the themes of 'wings' and/or 'water'. The interpretation of these themes is left intentionally ambiguous so that artists may pursue many possibilities. 

During my time at River Arts Inc., I was involved in four of these biennial exhibitions. In each one, my role involved unpacking shipped artworks, curating and installing the exhibition of 2D and 3D artworks, building an online inventory database, and integrating this onto the website for the show. 


Sauk Prairie, WI

Installation view of artworks at the River Arts Center.

Installation view of Fifth Biennial Wings & Water exhibition, 2019

Photo by Kristina Coopman

Artwork on right: The Raven by John Miller

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